Konferenzablauf und Themen der Referenten

Referenten und Themen der Konferenz. Die Referate sind auf 40 Minuten terminiert. Danach gibt es jeweils 20 Minuten Zeit für Diskussion.

10 bis 11 Uhr. Jürgen Elsässer: Strukturen der Schattenregierung von 9/11 bis Obama
11 bis 12 Uhr. Paul Schreyer: Wer legte die Luftabwehr an 9/11 lahm?

— Mittagspause bis 13 Uhr —

13 bis 14 Uhr. Oliver Janich: Die 5 Minuten, die die wahren Attentäter entlarven – Das Drehbuch für den 9/11-Plot

14 bis bis 15. Uhr. Jan Gaspard: WTC7 – The Smoking Gun

15 bis 16.30 Uhr. Alexander Benesch: Das norwegische 9/11 – Oslo/Utoya

Abschlussdebatte 16.30 bis 17.30 Uhr: Welche politisch-militärischen Strukturen haben 9/11 inszeniert oder wenigstens ausgenutzt? Was machen diese Strukturen heute? Stand und weitere Aufgaben der Wahrheitsbewegung. (Leitung Sulaiman Wilms)


    Ein Blick hinter die 9/11 Kulissen
    Now that the hype about the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 is gaining momentum, there is enough documented and proved information that contradicts the „official, media-propagandized version“ on the horrible event that occured on that date in New York. But only those that are immune to government brai-washing will understand the intrigue and evil minds behind this event and why these psychopaths are still among us, obviously immune to justice. One can even speculate that just as they were able to control the said event, they are also in command of the justice system, not only in the United States, but in many other countries, as well. They are also in control of the media and the money systems, and no amount of money is limited for such agenda. The jubilation about having finally eliminated the phantom, Osama Bin Laden, who most likely had nothing to do withy 9/11 shows how ignorant people are – the bigger the lie and the more it is told, the more it becomes „truth“, and truth becomes a lie.
    It is tragic and horrifying to see innocent people jumping out of 90-stories windows to their death. But compare the suffering they experience to that of hundres of thousands of innocent civilians during the bombing craze Mr. Churchill unleashed over Germany, or Mr. Truman’s dropping of two atomic bombs in Japan, where people boiled to death or slowly succumbed to radiation burns. Both of these crimes against humanity were totally unnecessary and had no military importance, and think that these monsters received awards for what they did!
    We should realize that 9/11 was a false flag operation instigated and planned by the evil kabal at the top, to blame an external force, a.k. Muslims/Arabs, for it and have an excuse to impose laws on us, that restrict our freedom and brigt us ever closer to being enslaved by the very systems we created to protect our freedom and human rights. When such government agencies, like the CIA, ATF, RCMP, MI6, and MOSSAD commit criminal acts against people and get away with it, then the words like FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY have no more meaning.

    Rolf Loth, Penticton, Canada

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